Drama.  Clarity.  Impact.  Simplicity.  Commitment to the shot. 
Each image tells its own detailed story.  The large format brings you closer and makes the story personal.

Landscapes Portfolio

Sunlight. Season. Clouds. Journey. A moment frozen in time.

Subtle shifts in light can bring drama to a landscape. Capturing wildlife in the shot can create movement and whimsy. The final image reflects the journey.

Birds Portfolio

Personality. Plumage. Perspective. The search for the soul of the bird.

Waiting for a bird to reveal their unique personality takes patience and stillness.

Wildflower & Orchids Portfolio

Color. Texture. Determination. The peak of the life cycle.

A favorite and reliable location for shooting blooms is the Naples Botanical Garden. The striking colors and beauty burst off the canvas.

Birds of Prey Portfolio

Intensity. Stealth. Vision. Stalking a predator.

The pursuit of the birds of prey is as challenging as capturing the impossible shot. It takes a deeper focus and patience along with a little luck to get the perfect light and movement.

Wildlife Portfolio

Exploration. Immersion. Experience. Interacting with the environment.

Whether trekking through the swamps or searching along the shore, being a part of the experience with the animals is challenging and exhilarating.

Dennis Goodman’s photographs have been published in Gulfshore Life Magazine, Portfolio Magazine, Life in Naples, Naples Scene, Marco Scene, Island Scene, Kiplinger Magazine, Connection Magazine and Views Magazine. This includes feature articles as well as over 17 covers. His accolades include Nature’s Best Photography Awards, National Audubon Photography Awards, Epson Pano Awards and various art show awards.