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The Top 5 Places for Nature Lovers to See While Visiting SWFL

In Journal by Atilus Developer

The environment of Southwest, Florida is sure to give you an entirely new outlook on the world around you as a nature lover. As photographer Dennis Goodman put it, “your environment greatly influences your perspective.” Here are the top 5 places Dennis Goodman recommends you take the time to see while visiting the area:

The Everglades National Park

In 1985, photographer Dennis Goodman moved to Naples, Florida from St. Paul, Minnesota and was completely in awe of the beauty of the Everglades and Southwest Florida. He was drawn to the Everglades because of its raw beauty, stunning landscapes, and unbelievable wildlife. He’s sure you will be too. Browse through Dennis Goodman’s photos of Everglades landscapes and wildlife in his Florida nature photography collections, and then make the trip down to the Everglades yourself.

The Naples Botanical Garden

Dennis Goodman relies on Naples Botanical Garden as a reliable location to shoot the most beautiful blooms of ghost orchids, water lilies, and a variety of other flora and fauna native to Southwest Florida. Once you visit the Botanical Garden yourself, you can admire the beauty of the colors, textures, and brilliance in the botanical garden by purchasing one of the Florida nature photography prints available in Dennis Goodman’s “Wildflowers and Orchids” portfolio.

The Naples Pier

The Naples Pier is one of Southwest Florida’s most recognizable sights. It also happens to be a fantastic place for people and nature-watching! One of Dennis Goodman’s favorite spots to photograph is right around the Naples Pier at sunset. You can see some of his best Naples Pier photographs in the “Landscapes” portfolio on the Dennis Goodman Photography website.

Fort Myers Beach Pilings

You’re probably familiar with the Old Naples Pier Pilings if you’ve been to the Naples Pier. However, have you seen the Ft. Myers Pilings? These pilings are less known but offer a unique and beautiful setting for nature lovers! You can see Fort Myers Beach Pilings photos on Dennis Goodman’s Florida nature photography website.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, and the Islamorada Islands specifically, are absolutely gorgeous locations to enjoy southern Florida’s beauty. When you explore the islands, go off the beaten path and see what unique views you can find. For example, can you find where this photo by Dennis Goodman was taken?