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Budgeting and Staying Within Price Range at Art Galleries

Budgeting and Staying Within Price Range at Art Galleries Are you excited to redecorate your home or business but have an artwork budget you need to stick to? Not a problem! Here are a few tips for staying within your budget when buying beautiful artwork from art galleries:

Why Fine Art Makes Great Holiday Gifts for Clients

The gifts your clients receive around the holiday season are likely fairly similar year after year. Wine, gift baskets, flowers, gift certificates— sound familiar? Do something special for your clients by purchasing artwork from your local fine art gallery instead.
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How to Start Building Your Fine Art Collection

Ready to get started on your fine art collection? Here are a few tips to make sure you are happy with your fine art purchases for many years to come: Choose A Budget Building a fine art collection doesn’t require a collector to spend millions. In fact, starting a fine art collection can be tailored to most budgets. For example, purchasing high-quality prints is a fantastic way to get started in collecting. Specifically, fine art photography and prints from more famous artists are conducive to most budgets.
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Color vs. Black and White Photography

How do you decide between hanging a black-and-white photograph vs a color photograph in your home or office? Here are a few key pointers that can help you decide whether color or black and white is the best option when selecting artwork for your space:
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Choosing the Perfect Art Piece for Your Home Office

Your home office should be inspiring, get your creative juices flowing, and ease any work-related stress you may be feeling! But is that all possible through artwork? Absolutely! Here is how you can choose the perfect art piece for your home office:
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Tips for Using Art as Inspiration for the Rest of a Room’s Décor

The artwork you choose for a room often becomes the most noticed and loved item in that space. So how can you use interior design techniques to bring out the full brilliance of the artwork you love? Here is how to use artwork as the inspiration for the rest of a room’s decor:
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Florida Bird Life: 5 Beautiful Birds to Look for This Winter

The human ‘snowbirds’ aren’t the only ones flocking down south for winter! Here are 5 beautiful birds you’ll usually only spot during Florida’s winters:
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How Fine Art Photography Can Transform Your Home

If you’re in search of ways to enhance the look of your own home, artwork is a fantastic way to boost any aesthetic. Here’s how pieces from a fine art photography gallery can transform your home:
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The Top 5 Places for Nature Lovers to See While Visiting SWFL

The environment of Southwest, Florida is sure to give you an entirely new outlook on the world around you as a nature lover. As photographer Dennis Goodman put it, “your environment greatly influences your perspective.” Here are the top 5 places Dennis Goodman recommends you take the time to see while visiting the area:

Post-Hurricane Photo & Video Preservation Tips

Preserving your precious family photos & videos after they’ve been exposed to water-damage can be challenging! We’ve had a number of requests after Hurricane Ian affected the Naples & SWFL areas. Our lovely friend, Kathy Stone, owner of Calgary Photo Solutions, has shared a few photo preservation tips. Tips for preserving water-damaged photos 🌀Don’t throw away your wet, muddy, or damaged photos or albums 🌀Don’t dry photos in a place with bright sunlight, wind, or dust 🌀Don’t pry wet or dry photos apart